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Visit One News Page for Italy news from around the world, aggregated from leading sources including newswires, newspapers and broadcast media. Search millions of archived news headlines. This feed provides the Italy news headlines.

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    Reported by 11 minutes ago.

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    Emeka Obi, a Nigerian consultant in England, and Gianluca Di Nardo, an Italian, were jailed four years each in September

    The post We expect Malabu corruption trial in Italy to drag for months, Shell tells staff appeared first on Premium Times Nigeria. Reported by Premium Times Nigeria 45 minutes ago.

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    Italy is resisting a European Union push to impose sanctions on states who carry out cyberattacks, a move that appears in line with Rome's calls to de-escalate tensions with Russia but that could alienate Italy from its EU allies. Reported by Reuters 30 minutes ago.

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    A right-wing daily in Italy is promoting the purchase of a pepper-spray gun alongside their newspaper Reported by euronews 45 minutes ago.

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    Roberto Mancini puts Italy squad through their paces in Florence ahead of Poland clash  Italy prepared for Sunday's UEFA Nations League clash with Poland with a training session in the Florence sunshine. Roberto Mancini watched on as the late afternoon sun beat down. Reported by MailOnline 9 minutes ago.

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    Leggera named 2018 winner of the coveted Crystal Achievement Award for Most Innovative Multi-Panel Door at the GlassBuild America conference.

    WOODBRIDGE, Ontario (PRWEB) October 15, 2018

    Sunview Patio Doors Ltd. (Sunview) proudly announced today that its Leggera Glass Wall System continues to receive industry praise and recognition in the lead-up to its release early next quarter. Since, it’s official pre-launch at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention in New York City in June, pent-up demand from architects and developers across North America has steadily grown. Most recently, the Leggera, which was developed in partnership with Savio Thesan USA, was awarded the prestigious Crystal Achievement Award for Most Innovative Multi-Panel Door at the GlassBuild America conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    The Crystal Achievement Awards are an annual event organized by Window & Door, a leading trade media organization for the fenestration industry. Nominations for innovative product designs are submitted throughout the preceding year and assessed by an expert panel of judges who select winners across 7 unique categories. This year, Sunview’s Leggera system was considered alongside nearly 100 other nominees, ultimately taking the top prize for the Most Innovative Multi-Panel Door.

    One Crystal Achievement Awards judge noted: “The use of magnetic levitation is revolutionizing rail transit, and its application to large/heavy sliding door systems will also be revolutionary. The ability to easily move large door/window glass panels holds great potential to increase the market for these systems.”

    Eliminating rollers and track systems entirely from the design, the Leggera effectively allows for frictionless movement, meaning people can easily slide panels that weigh in excess of 1,000 pounds. This lack of resistance, coupled with its minimal sill height design, also means the Leggera can be easily configured for ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant applications.

    “The industry recognition that we’ve been receiving for the Leggera system in the last month or so has been incredibly exciting,” said Tony Margiotta, President of Sunview Patio Doors. “Product innovation is a guiding principle at our company, and with the Leggera we believe we are creating something unlike anything else currently available on the market. This product will radically expand what is aesthetically and functionally possible with oversized glass panel doors.”

    According to Patrick Revenew, President / CEO of Savio Thesan USA, “When the Leggera was submitted for consideration to the Crystal Award panel, we felt confident that Sunview’s design expertise, combined with our patented magnetic levitation technology produced a product that would give us a strong edge. It was very satisfying to win the award as it validates from authorities in the industry that we are creating something special here.”

    Sunview is in the process of certifying the finished product to ensure it conforms to the highest possible AAMA, ANSI, NFRC and ADA industry standards. The Leggera is expected to be available for order during the first quarter of 2019.

    About Sunview Patio Doors Ltd.
    Sunview Patio Doors start with the most advanced vinyl available. It's extruded from Vision Group's state-of-the-art equipment, using a high-grade resin recipe unmatched for durability, weight reduction and freedom from wear. The result is beauty, performance, and reliability. With the highest quality accessories, colour options and upgrades available on the market, Sunview continually strives to attain the highest possible level of buyer satisfaction. With one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business, our aim is to provide clients with superior quality, uncompromising service, and highly competitive pricing.

    About Savio Thesan USA
    Savio Thesan USA located in Rochester, NY was founded in early 2015 via a partnership agreement with Savio S.p.A which is headquartered in the Torino, Italy region. Savio S.p.A (family owned and operated) which was founded in 1889 remains a world leader in the development and production of hardware solutions by servicing more than 60 countries around the globe. Savio S.p.A and Patrick Revenew have been working professionally in North America for more than 20 years, which is why the collective decision was made to establish an official location in North America. Reported by PRWeb 6 hours ago.

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    Napoli are preparing a fresh bid of more than £50million for Chelsea and Liverpool target Federico Chiesa, according to Corriere dello Sport. The Italian giants tried to sign the winger in the summer, but Fiorentina rejected their enquiry and explained he was not for sale. Chelsea and Liverpool were sniffing around the Italy international then […] Reported by talkSPORT 6 hours ago.

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    It took me over a month to hunt down an 89-year-old book Elon Musk recommended, and I'm glad I did· William Bolitho's "Twelve Against the Gods" was a bestseller when it was published in 1929.
    · The book gained a second wave of attention in 2016, after Elon Musk gave it a shout-out.
    · The non-fiction work tells the stories of 12 historical risk-takers.
    · Back in 2016, it took me a month to get my hands on an old copy. It's since been reprinted.

    In July 2016, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed that he was reading a largely forgotten 1929 bestseller: William Bolitho's "Twelve Against the Gods." 

    The 89-year-old book delves into the lives of 12 famous — and infamous — historical adventurers, malcontents, and non-conformists.

    Musk's endorsement sparked a bit of a frenzied search for copies of the out-of-print non-fiction book. At one point, the work was listed on Amazon for a not-at-all intimidating price of $575.

    Well, just recently, "Twelve Against the Gods" was re-released. History buffs can now purchase it on Amazon for $12.78.

    But back in 2016, I didn't have that option. I volunteered to find and read "Twelve Against the Gods" because I like history and old books. The epic title didn't hurt either — to me, "Twelve Against the Gods" sounds kind of like a Hellenistic blockbuster.

    I had to do quite a bit of digging before I could get my hands on the rare text. Everywhere I looked online, "Twelve Against the Gods" was either astronomically expensive or unavailable. 

    Just when I was beginning to suspect that the book itself might not actually exist, it turned up in my local library system.

    I was put on the waitlist and, about a month later, finally obtained Bolitho's account of the lives of 12 "wanderers."

    The copy I read was old, with a scuffed, dark red cover and yellowing pages. (It's got that sweet "old book" smell, too.) I was careful to keep it away from the sand when I began to read it on the beach one cold, windy weekend.

    *The book profiles the lives of unconventional historical figures*

    Each chapter paints a portrait of a historical figure that smacked convention in the face through war, exploration, political intrigue, romance, or all of the above. Subjects include big names like Alexander the Great, Christopher Columbus, Giacomo Casanova, the Prophet Muhammad, Napoleon I, Isadora Duncan, and Woodrow Wilson, as well as slightly less famous characters like Lola Montez, Alessandro Cagliostro and Lorenza Seraphina Feliciani, Charles XII of Sweden, Lucius Sergius Catilina (also known as Catiline), and Napoleon III.

    Beginning with Bolitho's proto-adventurer Alexander the Great and his destructive sweep eastward, each of "the twelve" follows a similar, often tragic, arc. They display promise and make their mark on history in a spectacular fashion, only to eventually succumb to hubris or circumstances.

    The biographies must have been considered pretty edgy at the time. Bolitho shines the spotlight on his subjects' often unusual life choices and colorful antics, noting that true adventure is "rarely chaste, or merciful, or even law abiding at all, and any moral peptonizing, or sugaring, takes out the interest, with the truth, of their lives."

    I especially enjoyed the chapters focusing on the less famous figures. I had never even heard of Lola Montez, the mistress of a Bavarian king who pushed for liberal reforms until she was forced to flee Europe altogether; Cagliostro and Seraphina, a couple known for everything from occult rituals to an infamous scandal involving Marie Antoinette's diamond necklace; or Charles XII of Sweden, a "saint" of adventure who emulated Alexander the Great and led an initially successful, but ultimately fatal, march on Moscow.

    Keep in mind, the book is often super dated, historically and culturally problematic, and riddled with offensive and cringeworthy nuggets ("with the woman-adventurer all is love or hate ... her adventure his man; her type is not the prospector, but the courtesan"— yikes), but given its publication date, none of that is exactly surprising.

    Ultimately, one of the book's most intriguing characters is not one of the twelve.

    Just like Musk, the book's author had roots in South Africa. Charles William Ryall — who went by "Bill" and later adopted the pen name William Bolitho to avoid confusion with the sportswriter George Ryall — was born in England. His father was a Baptist minister who moved the family to Cape Town, South Africa when Bolitho was young.

    *The author led an unconventional life himself*

    Fascinated by Bolitho, I called up China Ryall, Bolitho's daughter. He died when she was just two years old, but she has spent years digging into her father's legacy. 

    He led a wild life, not unlike his adventuring subjects.

    Ryall found that Bolitho originally wanted to follow in his father's pastoral footsteps, entering a seminary and becoming an Anglican deacon as a young man. But history intervened, and Bolitho enlisted to serve in WWI. The experience changed his life.

    "The legend is he went off to war and then sort of lost his interest in God," Ryall told Business Insider. "He saw all the mayhem in the trenches."

    Bolitho was badly wounded and buried alive in the 1916 Battle of the Somme. He was taken to a hospital in Scotland to recover where, according to Ryall, a group of poets befriended him and encouraged him to become a writer. 

    He became a reporter for the Manchester Guardian — now known as the Guardian. Later, he took a job with the now-defunct New York World. Bolitho rubbed shoulders with the influential literarti group, the Algonquin Round Table, in the 1920s. Over the course of his career, Bolitho also befriended the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Noel Coward, and Walter Lippmann.

    Bolitho reported on fascist dictator Benito Mussolini's rise to power in Italy, wrote a book called "Murder for Profit" about infamous killers, and published "Camera Obscura," a collection of his essays. Bolitho turned out pieces on everything from the saxophone to stamp collectors to the gangsters of Chicago.

    "He just had this enormous curiosity," Ryall said. "He wrote about anything that interested him. He wrote about anything and everything."

    Like many of his 12, Bolitho didn't have much time to savor his success. Just a year after achieving enormous recognition with "Twelve Against the Gods," Bolitho died of appendicitis while in France. He was only 39.

    *There's still space in the world for adventurers to break new ground*

    Ryall has a good idea of some of the present-day adventurers fit to be added to a modern update of the book. Her first pick was the man who kicked off the resurgence of interest in "Twelve Against the Gods": Elon Musk.

    "All that he does with the rocketry and the tunnels under LA — he's always thinking about inventing things," Ryall said. "And he gets in trouble, as lately we know. He doesn't lead quite a pure life."

    Ryall also said that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who Musk promised to take to the moon, and the late chef and journalist Anthony Bourdain, would also qualify as adventurers.

    All in all, "Twelve Against the Gods" provides an interesting perspective on what drove and impeded this group of adventurers. It's a good read for anyone who's interested in history or looking to find some motivation to switch things up and break the rules. Although, take everything with a grain of salt — don't get yourself so hyped up that you declare yourself a god and try to conquer everything from Greece to India.

    As is the case with many histories, the book often reveals more about the author than its historical subjects. Bolitho was quite a character himself, and might have become equally as famous as some of his dozen adventurers had he lived. Taking some time to read about his thoughts on promise, risk, and success is definitely worthwhile.

    "You have to read the books in the context of the times in which they were written," Ryall told Business Insider. "Some of the perception is rather dated. But I think it's also very appropriate for this day and age. We need adventurers, and there still are a lot of adventurers."

    *SEE ALSO: I read the 87-year-old book recommended by Elon Musk, and my favorite chapter reveals the dark side of innovation and adventure*

    *DON'T MISS: An 87-year-old book on adventurers reveals how much our perception of Christopher Columbus has changed*

    *SEE ALSO: I read the 87-year-old book recommended by Elon Musk, and its chapter on an ancient conqueror reveals the downside of confidence*

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    NOW WATCH: Elon Musk on going to Mars — ‘The probability of death is quite high' Reported by Business Insider 5 hours ago.

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    In Riace, a Calabrian village which is a model for integration, Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is attacking the mayor and wants to remove the migrants. EURACTIV France’s media partner Ouest-France reports. Reported by EurActiv 6 hours ago.

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    ROME (AP) — Italy has asked France for "clarifications" about reports that a French police truck crossed the border and dropped off two presumed migrants in the woods near Turin before returning to France.The Italian Foreign Ministry... Reported by New Zealand Herald 5 hours ago.

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    With A Major Passion To Help The Youth Of South Florida, A Partnership With Both The Milagro Center And 4KIDS Will Come To Fruition October 25th 2018.

    DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (PRWEB) October 15, 2018

    Top rated and award winning exclusive small group travel specialist, Nada's Italy is launching its second major South Florida event since opening its second location earlier this summer in downtown Delray Beach. On Thursday, October 25th, Nada's Italy will host a community focused event to drive awareness and relief for the less fortunate youth of South Florida. This luxury affair will be topped with a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce.

    Nada's Italy was started by Italian-born Nada Vergili, an expat from Florence who moved to the USA and developed the business in 2004 with a strong passion for sharing her culture with the American public. She coined an intriguing slogan "Tours for people who don't go on tours.", catering to active adult travelers wanting to experience Italy in a more intimate, stress-free, relaxed way, without the high-paced structured schedules of large-scale tours. One of Nada's strongest passions is helping those who are less privileged, especially the youth. Throughout the years, she has worked diligently to partner with some of the best charities nationally and locally. This drive has created a connection like no other with the Milagro Center and 4KIDS.

    For the last 21 years, Milagro Center's uniquely integrated programs have focused on empowering economically-disadvantaged and academically at-risk youth and their families to succeed, both in school and in life, having a resounding positive influence on our Delray Beach, Florida community. 4KIDS believes every child deserves to be in a home with a loving family. It is the goal of 4KIDS to see more siblings stay together, to see every child inside a real home with a family, and to stay in their own community where they can thrive. 4KIDS does this through hundreds of foster families, all committed to walking the whole journey with a child. Over the last 20 years 4KIDS has served 25,000 children in south Florida providing them with hope, homes and healing.

    Nada's intention for the Delray Beach store is to make it a central place for residents and visitors to connect around "all-things-Italian" through Italian classes, travel workshops, and fund-raising events for local non-profits. To add to this Italian-themed experience, everyone who walks through the door will receive exclusive discounts on Nada's imported Italian products and enjoy authentic Italian food & wine. Nada's Italy will donate a portion of profits from the night to both 4KIDS and Milagro Center. Nada invites those with a passion for philanthropy and travel to join her for this momentous occasion. The event is on October 25th from 6pm - 8pm and is free to attend. Reported by PRWeb 5 hours ago.

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  • 10/15/18--07:55: World Rankings
  • Oct 15 (OPTA) - The World Rankings on Oct 14 Rnk Prv Total 1. (1) Dustin Johnson (US) 441.05 2. (2) Justin Rose (England) 449.74 3. (3) Brooks Koepka (US) 416.97 4. (4) Justin Thomas (US) 457.50 5. (5) Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) 298.73 6. (6) Francesco Molinari (Italy) 350.81 7. (7) Bryson DeChambeau (US) 354.09 8. (8) Jon Rahm (Spain) Reported by Reuters India 4 hours ago.

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    Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp will make a move for Italy international Lorenzo Insigne next summer, according to a report.

    The post Jurgen Klopp wants €200m Italy man to fill Liverpool’s No.10 void appeared first on Reported by Team Talk 5 hours ago.

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    Interior minister Matteo Salvini says nuisance shops are 'almost all managed by foreign citizens' Reported by Independent 5 hours ago.

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    Poland made six changes to the team which lost to Portugal while Italy`s line-up was unchanged from Wednesday`s 1-1 draw at home to Ukraine. Reported by Zee News 4 hours ago.

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    It has been left up to financial markets to act as a dam against irresponsible policies Reported by 4 hours ago.

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    EPL was the earliest of the major European leagues to start this season, kicking off on Aug. 10, a week before Spain`s La Liga and Italy`s Serie A.   Reported by Zee News 4 hours ago.

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  • 10/15/18--08:45: Chelsea go after Tonali
  • According to reports in Italy, Chelsea are interested in signing Sandro Tonali. The 18 year old midfielder has been making a lot of noise for Brescia ever since entering the first team last year, and in the process, he’s attracted the attention of many top clubs around Europe. The Blues are said to be amongst […]

    The post Chelsea go after Tonali appeared first on Soccer News. Reported by 3 hours ago.

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    Teresa Giudice shared Sunday a photo of Statue of Liberty crying on Instagram amid news that her husband, Joe Giudice, will be deported to Italy after he finishes his prison sentence next year. Reported by 3 hours ago.

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    All Blacks select 51-strong squad for Autumn internationals The All Blacks have taken the unprecedented step of selecting a player based in Japan among an enlarged squad of 51 for autumn Test matches against Australia, Japan, England, Ireland and Italy. Reported by MailOnline 3 hours ago.

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